Our people and our equipments

We believe that people are the most critical component in our line of business and we pride ourselves at having a dedicated team of highly experienced designers and consultants who are purely driven by passion, and the core belief that interiors and design have the power to positively affect how we live and work. Devoted to exceeding client expectations, our team produces solutions for a variety of commercial or residential projects. At the very basis of their efforts lies a clear understanding of how our clients wish to interact with their environments. Right from conceptualization, visualization to realization of a project- our team does it all! Additionally, for design intensive or extensively challenging projects we rope in the expertise of specialized interior design houses such as Maksquare in Dubai and Ensemblee in India, with whom we have joint collaborations.

To support the team at every step, we take the help of top quality equipment and machinery which is at par with international standards. The company owns and operates all the machinery and tools required for interior wood works, electrical, false ceiling, painting and other works. Wood works are executed in our state-of-the-art factory in Mabelah, Muscat by a team of highly skilled carpenters.

Complete Responsibility
 We take total ownership and full responsibility for the complete execution of a project, right from its conception on the drawing board to implementation and final handover. Project management is about the efficient coordination of countless factors that combine to create a successful whole. For us, it means making timely decisions and adhering to a disciplined schedule with strict emphasis on quality control. All this while smoothly blending in the creative aspects within the assignment. It also involves extensive co-ordination with various agencies, consultants and contractors and our role is to act as a single point of reference, without involving the client into the vagaries of the project. We make sure to hand over the project to the client on time for them to run their business in a hassle free manner. Our ‘customer centric’ philosophy ensures that the interior works delivered, showcase quality of the highest order thus negating the need for maintenance in future.

You simply walk in and start running your show from day one!
Personalized Service

Through the diverse range of commissions we work on, the one thing that is constant is our commitment to quality customer care. Our highly personalized services are uniquely tailored to suit your design and budget requirements. This ensures that our customers are completely satisfied when we hand over a project to them. We strive to build and nurture long term relationships with all our clients.

HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

An integral part of our core values is our commitment to health, safety and the environment. At all our project sites and factories, we lay great emphasis on proper compliance of the companies stated HSE guidelines and we are committed to protecting the health and safety of all people working and visiting our site. Our operational systems ensure that health and safety personnel  visit the different work sites on a periodic basis (uninformed) and record non-compliance, if any. The project team is suitably advised to rectify the shortcomings and if non-compliance is noted in further visits, then measures are in place for suitable action to be initiated. Periodic risk assessments are carried out and results of the assessments are implemented in ongoing/new projects. We also adopt a disciplined approach to identifying and managing any impact our operations may have on the environment and consciously attempt to reduce our ecological footprint.

Other Key Factors
  • Creativity in execution
  • Efficient space planning
  • Attention to detail
  • End to end solutions
  • Time bound completion

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